Thank you for watching this webcast channel.

This webcast channel is fully sponsored and maintained by Member of Parliament for Bakri Y.B. Tuan Er Teck Hwa.

The initial idea of this webcast service is to provide an alternative way for Bakri's electorate to watch and understand national issues.

A technical team was set up by Bakri Parliamentary Service Center in 2009. Trial run and field test with different techniques had been carrying for six months before the solution had been finalised.

The full-time webcast service officially launched in September 2009.

Currently the webcast system is implemented in non-human control basic where the system will be activated automatically with preset schedule. However, minimum maintenance is still required for regular recorded data extraction and visual/audio adjustment. Most of the set up and maintenance work is done by Y.B. Er himself and occasionally by assigned technical personal in rotation basis.

The webcast service is hosted by USTREAM webcast service. This blog is means to provide extra information of Parliamentary business and alternatively, viewers can choose to watch the webcast directly from USTREAM homepage.

This blog has also provided recorded video and viewers can choose to watch the video by date. Each video footage contents 3 hours record.

Bakri Parliamentary Service Center
Webcast Maintenance Team

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